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Shoulder and Hip Labrum Reconstruction

Non-Invasive Alternatives for Labral Tear Repair without surgery.
If you’ve been told a labral tear is what’s causing you pain and surgical repair is your only solution, we suggest you evaluate all of your options beyond surgery! Get back to your training and everyday life without surgery or medications with Pure Health’s Regenerative Orthopedics.

Symptoms of a torn labrum can include pain and ache in the affected area, weakness or instability in the joint, and a popping sensation. But being diagnosed with a Hip or Shoulder labral tear no longer has to mean surgery or giving up your favorite activities!

At Pure Health Clinics, we offer Regenerative, non-surgical alternatives for painful labral tears, using minimally invasive, natural tissue-derived products to help regrow cartilage and restore degenerated tissue, allowing the body to heal more quickly. These types of care help restore the function of the labrum and are far less invasive than traditional surgical approaches by mimicking the body’s natural healing process.

We focus our methods on helping the labral tear to heal. Our expert Medical Providers inject custom concentrations of your body’s natural healing agents into the exact affected areas, helping promote the repair of the labral, leading to a better lifestyle in general.

Pure Health’s regenerative care can help reduce pain caused by labral tears and may contribute to helping your body use its abilities to heal without the need for surgery, resulting in shorter recovery times and fewer potential complications than invasive interventions.

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