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Pure Health Clinics employees are committed to bringing our patients quality healthcare and the support necessary to live an energetic, fulfilled life.  Our state-of-the-art services and award-winning Medical Providers work hard to ensure that every patient is not only happy and healthy, but has a fantastic experience in our clinics. Read more about our Medical providers’ individual achievements and experience in the regenerative medicine space below.  We look forward to guiding you in your regenerative medicine journey.  To schedule your consultation, go to our Book A Consultation page and a representative will promptly reach out to you.

Drew A. Johnson


Drew Johnson began his medical training at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, earning his BS in the Surgeon’s Assistant Program. For over 40 years, Drew has dedicated his professional life to the health and well being of thousands of patients – working with the top surgeons, medical doctors, and health care professionals. As the lead assistant to many great surgeons, Drew assisted in neurosurgical and spinal surgery, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, and has been involved in over 20,000 surgical procedures. Drew’s passion for patient health and positive outcomes brought him to North Idaho 10 years ago, where he continued his surgical assisting with some of the area’s top surgeons and doctors.

Prof. (Dr.) Ashim Gupta

Expert Medical Consultant

Prof. (Dr.) Ashim Gupta is board certified/diplomat (DABRM) and Fellow (FABRM) of American Board of Regenerative Medicine. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Future Biologics (USA) and Regenerative Orthopaedics. He also serves as the Professor and Chief Science Officer for South Texas Orthopaedic Research Institute (USA).

Dr. Gupta previously served as an Associate Director at Millennium Pain Center (USA) and as the Assistant Professor and Director of Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine and Applied Sciences at Institute for Plastic Surgery, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (USA).

Dr. Gupta completed his MS and PhD from the School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University (USA). He then pursued his MBA from the School of Business, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (USA). Dr. Gupta has led both basic science, pre-clinical and clinical research projects in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, Orthopaedics, and Pain Management. He has published over 125 research articles in peer-reviewed journals (most are indexed on PubMed). He has been awarded several grants and has authored and co-authored over 100 abstracts accepted in regional, national and international conferences for oral/paper and poster presentations; some of which have won awards.

Dr. Gupta was awarded the 2021 35 Under 35 Gwinnett Young Professional of the year award and was also selected as a Top 10 finalist in the Emerging Entrepreneur Category for the Gwinnett Small Business Awards by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce (USA). He won the 2018 Medical Device Innovator of the Year Award at Illinois Capital Innovation Awards for developing a ‘Syringe System for Fluid Separation’ and a United States Patent has been issued for the same.

Dr. Gupta also designed a ‘Novel tube for Platelet Rich Plasma preparation’ and United States design and utility patents have been issued for the same.

Dr. Gupta serves as a Consultant/Visiting Consultant for several clinics in the USA; serves on the medical/scientific advisory board of several medical device and biotechnology companies; is a member and/or guest faculty of numerous societies; and serves as an Associate Editor, Guest Editor, Editorial Board Member and reviewer for several international peer-reviewed journals.

Lana Young

Nurse Practitioner

Lana Young began her career as a nurse over 30 years ago after graduating from Pacific Union College in Northern California. She worked in Neuro, medical, and cardiology units prior to training as an operating room nurse scrubbing-in, assisting and circulating in all services including Neuro, General, Ortho, Gynecology, and Cardiothoracic surgeries. In 2006, Lana moved to the Pacific Northwest to work in Cardiothoracic surgery from 2006-2009. In 2009 she was recruited to teach undergraduate nursing students at Washington State University, in Spokane, Washington while getting her MSN degree in the Family Nurse Practitioner program, and graduating in 2012. She has been working as a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine and Urgent Care in Northern Idaho. Lana Young is passionate about teaching health principles combined with utilizing functional modalities in providing a holistic approach to assist patients in achieving ultimate health.

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