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Shoulder and Knee Cartilage Replacement Alternatives

Your alarm clock goes off. You get up and begin your morning trying to figure out how much you can lift your arms or how far you can bend your knee without feeling that awful sting. Then you start “loosening up,” hoping you can get by the day without a lot of help from medications.
If your felt identified with any part of that story, this article is for you.

When the cartilage is damaged, the two bones in a joint rub against each other, resulting in pain, swelling, and stiffness of the joint (osteoarthritis). Shoulder or knee cartilage replacement surgery is often performed to relieve these symptoms, replacing the damaged articulating parts of the joint with prostheses. These types of surgeries bring possible hope, but also the risk of surgery, the possibility of complications, surgical recovery, and rehab time.

The human body is remarkably resilient. When there is an injury, the body tries to heal itself. At Pure Health Clinics, we offer orthobiologic alternatives that use minimally invasive, natural tissue-derived products to help restore function, allowing your body to heal more quickly. These types of care are far less invasive than traditional surgical approaches and mimic the body’s natural healing process by accelerating the maturation of the healing tissue. They do not require incisions, minimizing the risks of infection and complications and recovery time.

At Pure Health Clinics, we can help your body respond faster to an injury and can discuss an array of non-invasive alternatives for your condition, helping you avoid surgery. Our award-winning Medical Providers examine your body to observe the inner workings of the joint in real-time, looking at the root cause of the problem and giving a clear picture of what you can expect from our various regenerative medicine services.

We take pride in the extraordinary level of medical care that we provide to our patients, discussing all of their options so that they can feel confident in making the best decisions about their health. We look forward to helping you in your regenerative medicine journey onto a better lifestyle.