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Pure Health Clinics is committed to bringing our patients quality healthcare and the support necessary to live an energetic, fulfilling life. Our state-of-the-art services and award winning Medical Provider work hard to ensure that every patient is not only happy and healthy, but has a fantastic experience in office. Browse our Medical providers below and read more about their individual achievements and experience in the regenerative medicine space. We look forward to aiding you in your regenerative medicine journey. To schedule your consultation go to our Book A Consultation page and a representative will be with you shortly.

Drew Johnson

Medical Story Highlights

  1. At 21 years of age, the youngest graduate of the University of Alabama Physician Assistant Surgical program
  2. Drew has been part of over 20,000 surgeries, including over 7500 heart surgeries, and 7500 brain, spinal and back surgeries.
  3. Drew was part of the team that transplanted a mechanical heart, the Jarvik 7, into a baboon, paving the way for human heart transplants.
  4. His experience with the Chiari Malformation Correction was shown in National TV ABC 20/20 as well as in the Wall Street Journal. This is when the brain stem and brain are pushed together, causing migraines, excessive pressure and pain. Drew did 702 Chiari correction surgeries.
  5. Working as the team physician with the Orlando Magic gave him the opportunity to meet many famous people, including playing golf with Arnold Palmer and Payne Stewart.

6. Drew had the assignment to recover donated organs from deceased young people and fly the organs via Learjet to those awaiting transplants.

7. Heart Stab Wound Story
A 17 year old boy was stabbed in the heart and in the hospital hallway, Drew created a surgical open and moved his gloved hand into the boy’s chest cavity and placed a finger in the whole to stop the bleeding and leakage. Drew walked next the the hospital Guerney as he was transported to ICU for emergency surgery, keeping his finger in the boy’s heart the entire time until the other surgeons were able to open the chest to operate. This saved the boy’s life.

8. Pediatric Heart Surgery
Drew performed many heart repair operations on premature babies, and at that stage of development, the heart is only the size of a walnut, and the tissue is extremely soft.

The is only a 2 hour window to perform surgery because a premature baby can barely handle the stress of surgery and anesthesia.

After the surgery, the delicate condition of the baby meant that any complication could end the baby’s life in less than a minute. So after the surgeries, Drew with stay beside the recovering baby monitoring all vital signs until the baby stabilized.

9. Transition to Regenerative Medicine – All because of a heart patient!

Drew was working at a Liberty Lake Clinic and saw a heart patient with a major improvement. At first his heart could only pump at a 25% level, but when Drew saw him again, his heart could pump at 55%! Drew said to the patient — this can only happen if a miracle has occurred, or you had a heart transplant. The patient replied — I had a stem cell treatment, and that’s all I did. This started Drew only move from the world of invasive surgery to the non-invasive healing approach of regenerative medicine.

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