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Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine therapy is buzzing in the news wherever you look. As is the case with so many treatments, science is catching up to anecdotal evidence of healing. Stem cell therapy is a non surgical, regenerative treatment that can effectively relieve pain and discomfort in the patient. Through injecting the underdeveloped cells called stem cells to regenerate tissue in the preferred area, stem cell therapy triggers the damaged cells and alerts them to regenerate themselves. This cutting edge, non invasive treatment can sometimes prevent the necessity of surgery in patients with chronic conditions such as joint pain, osteoarthritis, back pain, and more. With minimal to no downtime, regenerative medicine acts as a way for busy people to regain their active lifestyle without having to have the downtime associated with surgery. Regenerative medicine can even be combined with surgery to offer a more optimal result. Administered by our state of the art physicians in a comfortable and relaxing upscale environment, this procedure can create a noticeable difference in chronic pain and can allow patients to avoid having to see a pain management doctor. If you struggle with chronic pain, arthritis, knee pain, or another form of chronic joint pain, schedule a consultation with our award-winning physicians to learn how regenerative medicine may be for you.


What Can I Expect During A Regenerative Medicine Appointment?

During a regenerative medicine appointment, most patients will receive a series of three stem cell injections spaced out between two and five days. The first injection is a pre-injection procedure, with the following injections being the stem cell injections. Preceding the actual stem cell injections there is a collection of blood in order to receive platelets that allow the stem cells to do their jobs. After each appointment, you may drive yourself home and this is a minimal to no downtime procedure. Number of treatments as well as other details regarding this procedure may vary, and for more information and details of the treatment please schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

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What They Say

Werner K.

Very helpful, accommodating and informative. I feel very positive about my experience and my upcoming results.

Patricia M.

I’ve had several injections in the past and she was by far the best. It was not painful at all. Her and the staff explained everything I needed to know and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend her.

Donna P.

I had a lot of questions on the professional medical field level. All my questions were answered respectfully and completely. I have walked away with a better understanding of what conditions can be treated and will be of benefit to my patients.

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