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Pure Health Clinics is committed to bringing our patients quality healthcare and the support necessary to live an energetic, fulfilling life. Our state-of-the-art services and award winning physicians work hard to ensure that every patient is not only happy and healthy, but has a fantastic experience in office. Browse our physicians below and read more about their individual achievements and experience in the regenerative medicine space. We look forward to aiding you in your regenerative medicine journey. To schedule your consultation go to our Book A Consultation page and a representative will be with you shortly.

Dr. Esti Bakty, ND

Dr. Esty Bakti, ND, is a board certified regenerative medicine specialist. She has a 5 star rating on HealthGrades.com, Yelp.com, and Doctor.com, and combines a blended approach to supporting the mental and physical well-being of her patients. Dr. Esti Batky attended the College Of Naturopathic Medicine and gained insight through treating her mother using her methods, who was suffering from Cancer. Dr. Bakty, ND has completed advanced training in naturopathic medicine using the Hemwell-Hackett Prolotherapy technique. Dr. Esti Bakty uses her insight and knowledge to truly get to know her patients, taking the time to treat the whole person.

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